Lumix G9 ISO Hack

ISO Hack For Your Lumix G9

How you can easily control your ISO on your Panasonic Lumix G9

We all know that ISO is a BIG thing, It’s one of the three core functions of the exposure triangle. Along with Aperture and Shutter it dictates the outcome of our images.

The Lumix G9 like many cameras has a dedicated ISO function button on the top of the camera – You push it down and you can control your ISO via any of the dials on the camera.

However, what if we didn’t have to push a seperate button on the camera and we could control our ISO the same way we control our Aperture or Shutter via the front and back dials? (In The Moment)

We’re very lucky as G9 users that we have the added scroll wheel on the back of the camera around the Menu/Set button, mostly used to scroll the menu or browse through our shots.

However the other lucky thing about being a G9 user is the customisation – The way you can set the camera’s many dials and buttons to suit your own style is fantastic, and this is where the “Hack” comes into it.

I don’t know about you but I like to be in the moment when I’m shooting, pushing a separate button to control my ISO and taking away the normal functions of the dials really slows me down! Even if it’s a split second, that could be the make or break of a great image.


How about if we had full control of the exposure triangle under our finger and thumb – Dialling in the correct settings at a moment’s notice? I’m going to show you.

Did you know you can customise the scroll wheel on the back of the G9? Lets now set it to control our ISO, giving us a dedicated ISO control to use in the moment.

  1. Go into the menu and select the “C and Wrench” tab
  2. Go Into “Dial Operations” 
  3. Go into “Dial Set”
  4. Scroll down to “Control Dial Assignment”
  5. Select “ISO” – AND YOUR DONE

On my G9 I’ve got it setup like this:

  • Front Dial – Aperture 
  • Back Dial – Shutter (The Workhorse)
  • Back Scroll Wheel – ISO

I’ve also set up other custom buttons to control my metering modes and we’ve still got the 3 separate White Balance, ISO, and Exposure Compensation buttons on top of the camera to use. However, having a dedicated dial to control your ISO is an amazing function, the ability to have the 3 elements working in real time will shape your photography and the way you take photos as they happen.

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Thanks for reading my latest post – My name is Grant and I’m a Freelance Photographer based on the Gold Coast.

Specialising in Branding, Family & Lifestyle Photography – Ranging from Families, Kids & Couples to Content Creation for Local Brands & Businesses, I’m always available to take any inquiries you might have.

Many Thanks 


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