New Old Camera

New Old Camera

Your camera is 3 years old? How do you call yourself a photographer!!!

Ok let’s face it ANY camera from ANY brand from the last 5 years is going to be able to do pretty much anything you want.

2020 was a huge year for cameras with all the big brands pumping out their latest and greatest cameras. Now in 2021 Sony has already hit the ground running  releasing the A1- a camera that is just loaded with modern technology and features, most of them I would never use.

  • This Camera Has This!
  • This Camera Has That!
  • This One can Do This – However It Overheats!

You all know the YouTube videos out there – Gear Gear Gear…

I’m usually 3 or 4 years behind the tech world (As I’m composing this on my 10 year old MacBook) But I do keep my eye on the new releases and gear updates and I LOVE gear, don’t get me wrong! However the last 8 months have just been TOO much for me and now with the A1 –  I just can’t keep up anymore.

I shoot on a 5 year old Lumix GX8 and a 3 year old Lumix G9 and they suit my style down to the ground – I would like to experiment with a full frame again and I’m thinking it will be a canon 6d mkii (Another 4 year old camera) 

To be completely honest, all this new gear makes me want to get my Nikon D700 back in action and go against all the new camera hype and total bombardment from all the camera companies, advertising and YouTube endorsements.

I mean I’m pretty sure I could still shoot a pretty cool session with a D700 no problems at all.

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Thanks for reading my latest post – My name is Grant and I’m a Freelance Photographer based on the Gold Coast.

Specialising in Branding, Family & Lifestyle Photography – Ranging from Families, Kids & Couples to Content Creation for Local Brands & Businesses, I’m always available to take any inquiries you might have.

Many Thanks 


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