The Caption

The Caption

How I’m Upping My Writing Game and My Instagram Captions

The caption on your instagram posts are a very powerful tool and I think a lot of creatives are under utilising this part of posting on instagram – I know I used to, just scroll back a few months ago into my feed and most of my captions would only be a heading and a few words.

So we all should know by now that Instagram wants us to STAY and SCROLL on the platform for long periods of time, so what better way to keep people engaged than having a “captivating caption”

A little formula I’ve recently learnt is S.C.E.E and I’m practicing when writing captions

Simplicity – Clarity – Elegance – Evocativeness

  • Simplicity – Makes Writing Punchy
  • Clarity – Makes Writing Comprehensible
  • Elegance – Makes Writing Flow
  • Evocativeness – Makes Writing Stimulating

The next time you go to post don’t just post your image or content – Tell the story behind it OR have a story and create your content around your story.

Keep this little formula in mind, write a caption and give your content a story and really bring it to life for your audience.

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Thanks for reading my latest post – My name is Grant and I’m a Freelance Photographer based on the Gold Coast.

Specialising in Branding, Family & Lifestyle Photography – Ranging from Families, Kids & Couples to Content Creation for Local Brands & Businesses, I’m always available to take any inquiries you might have.

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