Lumix G7 – Engagement Session?

Lumix G7 – Engagement Session?

Can you shoot an engagement session with a Lumix G7 and its Zoom Kit Lens? Well? The answer is yes! And I did last week – Jan 2021.

I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and see if I could get usable results with my Lumix G7 from 2015 and its 45 to 105mm f/4 to 5.6 kit lens. Usually I do the bulk of my engagement shoots either on my Lumix G9 or GX8 with fast Olympus glass – However on this shoot I really wanted to put my skills to the test (and on the line) and see what I could come up with.

We all decided to meet up in New Farm Park in Brisbane for this engagement shoot, the couple were super fun from the get go and we developed a very quick working relationship. They were no wiser that I was running my own little “camera gear test” and things progressed nicely and we got some great shots.

The one great – GREAT – thing about mirrorless systems is that you get the preview in camera and get to dial in your exposure in real time (is that cheating?) So even though I was using my old G7 from 2015 the technology was still there to help. Using the zoom lens was a bit different as I’m used to faster prime lenses so I was further back than I’d usually like to be, however using the compression and really focusing on my foregrounds and backgrounds let me dial in some creamy backgrounds. Being a 45 to 150mm zoom I found myself moving around and the focal length(s) made me work hard on my compositions and pushed out a few more creative shots and angles.

Shooting early to mid morning ment I had no low light issues and I could really keep my ISO down and focus on getting clean shots. The overall size of the G7 is super small and lightweight and I really enjoyed the mobility it gave me and I can definitely see myself using it more and more for this type of photo shoot.

Overall I was very impressed with the end results and I’m happy to say my clients were too! Yes the lens was a bit on the slow side however I made it work. Yes it’s only a 16 megapixel sensor – however the way Panasonic renders and compress colours will always be a selling point for me.

One point  I’d like to make it is not really about the camera or the age of the technology – It’s about knowing your camera inside out and knowing how to use it like its second nature or an extension of yourself. I’m a big believer in picking a system and staying with it. I made the switch over to Lumix about 5 years ago from Nikon and I just dove in deep and spent hours learning the Lumix system now I can pick up any Lumix camera and get great results.

So what do you think? Is yours sitting on the shelf collecting dust? 

Does the Lumix G7 still have what it takes to do professional photography? I personally think It’s definitely a camera us Lumix users should Still be using today in 2021.

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Thanks for reading my latest post – My name is Grant and I’m a Freelance Photographer based on the Gold Coast.

Specialising in Branding, Family & Lifestyle Photography – Ranging from Families, Kids & Couples to Content Creation for Local Brands & Businesses, I’m always available to take any inquiries you might have.

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