Mountview Alpaca Farm

Mountview Alpaca Farm Canungra – A Great Day Out In The Scenic Rim – Recently my family and some close friends spent the day at Mountview Alpaca Farm – An amazing experience where you can not only feed the alpacas but you can also walk them around the farm. The farm is located within the… Continue Reading →

Lumix G7 – Engagement Session?

Lumix G7 – Engagement Session? Can you shoot an engagement session with a Lumix G7 and its Zoom Kit Lens? Well? The answer is yes! And I did last week – Jan 2021. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and see if I could get usable results with my Lumix G7 from… Continue Reading →

Lumix G9 In 2021

Lumix G9 In 2021 5 Reasons I got a Lumix G9 moving into 2021 The Lumix G9 come out late 2017 and was the flagship photo centric camera in the Panasonic Lumix line-up before they released the full frame range in late 2018 early 2019. Now moving forward into 2021, the question is? Is the… Continue Reading →

Second Shooter Brisbane

Second Shooter Brisbane Brisbane | Gold Coast | Scenic Rim As I generally stick to Branding, Family and Lifestyle photography booking weddings and wedding photography is not really my main focus – However in saying that I LOVE to shoot weddings as a Second Shooter and assisting. Working for seasoned wedding photographers is always such… Continue Reading →


Comparing I do this ALL the time. Comparing myself to other creatives/photographers and I really got to watch myself that I don’t go down too deep into their creative rabbit hole. I’ll get totally into their “Thing” Style, Look, Persona and even Gear. And it’s ok for a while but I find it can really… Continue Reading →

Improve Your Photography

How I Personally Improved My Photography With Micro Four Thirds It’s bad in low light… The sensor is too small… There is no dynamic range… You can’t get a blurry background… The Limitations Of Micro Four Thirds. However it’s those so-called limitations that opened up my skills as a photographer, the lessons I’ve learnt and… Continue Reading →

Lumix G9 ISO Hack

ISO Hack For Your Lumix G9 How you can easily control your ISO on your Panasonic Lumix G9 We all know that ISO is a BIG thing, It’s one of the three core functions of the exposure triangle. Along with Aperture and Shutter it dictates the outcome of our images. The Lumix G9 like many… Continue Reading →

GH5 In 2021

The Panasonic GH5 In 2021? Is GH5 Still Worth Purchasing in 2021? Yes – Here’s Why!!! Top 5 Number One: The Price – The price of the GH5 is amazing both new or used, bang for your buck the features you get for just over $1000 is amazing. A pro level camera for both video… Continue Reading →

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